Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meeting our Skiers!

So sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Partly I blame the satellites!  The passes just aren't convenient for when I'm off work, and not sleeping!!  Also, not too much is happening around here!  Life has become very routine for me.  Sleep, work, gym, eat.  That's it.

Last night, however, I got to do something quite wonderful!  I was invited out to our tourists campsite.  I met up with Mark Wood, Hannah McKeand, and Mark George.  They all skied here, solo.  I was able to have wine with them and chat for a few hours.  Absolutely amazing people.  They made me feel so small- and that flying to the South Pole was very normal (compared to their adventures).

Hannah had the world record for skiing from the coast to the Pole in the shortest amount of time, until someone broke her record in 2006.  She now still holds the record for skiing coast to pole the most number of times though.  She guides trips down here now.  She's so spunky and lots of fun to be around.

Mark Wood just finished skiing to the Pole, took him 50 days.  He lost his IPod on day 2, so he skied 48 days listening to nothing but his thoughts.  In a few weeks he'll be heading north to ski to the North Pole of the world.  He has also climbed Everest.

People are absolutely amazing at the World's Southernmost Campsite......

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  1. I see the NSF's LC-130 is still stuck on the ground -- can you talk about that? What went wrong, what is the fix, will it get out of there before closing?

    Thanks, and I have enjoyed your blog all summer.